Tuesday, May 20, 2014

WRITE-IN "Kelly Flading" for NARBC Angora club president

Fellow Angora Fanciers, it is time to Elect a NEW President of the NARBC Angora Club. In order for a club to remain vigorous and strong, there needs to be proper change of former leaderships so that new, innovative and exciting ideas are brought to the forefront. Please WRITE IN "KELLY FLADING" on your NARBC Ballots for PRESIDENT. By your support for Kelly, you will contribute to the movement of the NARBC and prevent stagnation.

Write-in Kelly Flading for president of the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club!
Kelly is a very ethical, creative innovator who also has the diplomatic skills needed to take NARBC forward. She is a devoted Angora rabbit fancier who has become one of the most active and knowledgeable breeders and exhibitors in the country today. Her small herd is mostly English Angoras, but also includes a few Satin Angoras, and French Angoras. She also enjoys the fiber arts. Kelly offers the following information, which, typical of her, is modest and understated:
"I am running as a write-in for the position of president of NARBC, Inc. this year. I desire to continue (and build upon) the standards set forth in the NARBC constitution. I am in my 4th year of raising Angora rabbits, but have learned a lot along the way. I am a founding member of the Southern Angora Rabbit Club and am currently secretary of that organization. I am also breed co-chair for this year's Convention committee. I enjoy all aspects of Angora rabbits, including show and fiber. Go wool!"

Kelly's Kelfla Rabbitry website. / Her Kelfla Angoras Facebook Page

Deb Butorac is running as a write-in candidate for District 3 Director, and she has our endorsement. Linda Cassella from New York, who is running for District 1 Director as a write-in candidate, is a two time ARBA Best in Show winner. Colleen Wagner of Ohio is also available as a write-in candidate for District 1.

Disclaimer: Picture and information taken from: Angorarabbit.comhttps://angorarabbit.com/hutch/news.php?readmore=221.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Highlights from the CTRC Show in Austin on May 3

I showed two English Angora Does. Both received good comments and did well, overall.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Processing English Angora Wool for Spinning

This is how English Angora wool may be processed to spin into yarn. I processed this nice batch of wool to trade for a very nice hand spindle.

The wool is collected:

 I take out of bag and prepare it to be carded.

Here is the wool in my drum carder.
The wool is carefully removed from the drum carder and placed on a chair so I can care work the rolag.

I carefully prepare the rolag into small bundle and set aside. In this case, Here are five bundles of fluff. I like to store my wool in paper until I am ready to use it. In this case, it was going out to a lady that is anxiously awaiting these bundles of softness.

Once prepared, I store the wool in ziplock bags. In this case, I removed the air from the bags and squished them as much as I could to fit them in the envelope. The great thing about angora is that once the ziplock bags are opened, the bundles will fluff up again as if nothing happened.

I am often asked if I spin the wool myself and sell. I typically do spin the wool into yarn, which I either sell or knit or weave to give out as gifts. Not all angora breeders use the wool themselves, but I do. I love to work with the wool and create nice useable items.