Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Beginnings for us

I just returned from a quick trip to Missouri. I met my great friend, Margaret Bartold, where I picked up 3 English Angoras. We got a pair from Margaret and the other rabbit, a buck, was picked up for our friend, Jennie from Austin, Texas. We are so excited to get an excellent buck, which is our Herd sire. We believe we will be able to get nice babies soon and continue our comeback.

I will be posting pictures soon. For now, the pair is resting in their cages and absorbing the new environment. The trip back from Missouri was a tough one. There was torrential rains, which continued through Oklahoma and a little bit into Dallas. Though it was a tough trip, I enjoyed it as it gave me time to think a lot and focus on our goals and blessings.

On a separate topic, my mother is slowly recovering and getting stronger. She is walking with help and strengthening day by day. She will soon be moved to the rehabiliation clinic and then transitioned home. She is so alert and chattery, like before. She is finally coming out of the whole ordeal.

What can I say? We firmly believe the good Lord is blessing us with wonderful opportunities and excellent friends. We thank you all, our "rabbit world" friends for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers and for being ther for us when we've needed it the most!

P. Ricardo and Sons

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Update on our lives

The good news for our family is that my mother, Tomasa, grandmother to my sons, Martin and Johnny, is doing a lot better. She finally was moved out of the ICU unit yesterday and she was sent to the rehabilitation center. We are so excited with such great news. My mother is now eating well, and will begin her rehabilitation work so she can be released home soon. She, unfortunately, will have to undergo dialysis from now on. However, her heart is strong and we have high hopes she will soon be back to her former self.

We want to Thank all our friends for your prayers and good thoughts.

In reference to our rabbitry. Well, we will soon be getting some rabbits and hope to quickly begin the breeding program and re-establish ourselves. Things are slowly getting better for us and we are as excited as ever to go to shows.
I was able to go last month to our SARBA meeting as now I'm a Director, and I plan to help out as much as I can. If we do not have rabbits to show in the next show, we definitely plan to continue our help our club and meeting our great friends.

I have been doing a little bit of spinning and hope to begin knitting again. I had stopped working on many things I enjoy due to things affecting our lives.

Aside from that there is nothing else going on aside from the San Antonio weather. Yes, we have had tough weather issues, lately. It either rains, get cold, then it is sunny and muggy and a bit hot, but overall, the allergies due to mountain cedar, pollen, and other things in the air are tough to bear.

I'll be posting pictures soon and hope to begin blogging often as I've neglected the blog for quite some time.