Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our family needs LOTS of Prayers

As you all know, we've been plagued with many tough trials and we firmly believe our prayers and that of our friends and family has helped us be strong.

My mother, Tomasa (Tomy) Gonzalez, has been hospitalized since November 2009. She had to undergo a triple heart bypass and since has been in the ICU. She had complication from the surgery and at one point her heart stopped, but the Grace of God is such that she was able to return to us. She had lots of internal bleeding, which began flowing externally due to a ruptured ulcer. The ulcer is healing and her heart is strong. She is slowly beginning her "eating therapy", yes, she had not been allowed to eat for several weeks.

Now, when things were looking a bit better, well, she got a huge swelling on her lower leg due to the IV needle being attached since she has been hospitalized. The doctors did MRIs and other sonograms and the good thing is that the swelling is not infected, but unfortunately, it is painful and my mother has been enduring extreme pulsating pain. It is difficult seeing and listening to her scream and cry in pain and agony and being unable to do anything, but be there for her and pray.

I am asking that all our friends please pray for my mother for a speedy recovery a healing.

It is so difficult for me seeing my mother going through this experience, but it is harder seeing my sons feeling overwhelmed to see their grandmother in this way, too.

Thank you for letting me share this family experience and for your prayers.

P. Ricardo and Sons