Friday, November 26, 2010

Simple ramblings

I have not been posting in quite a long time. Work has me quite busy as well as our new Homestead. We haven't been doing much other than working to improve our small land and keep our pets healthy.

Since acquiring Tres, our lovely gelding horse, we've been working on fattening him a bit. He is a huge horse and eat so much! I have been riding him, too. I believe I will be ready soon to take the certified rider test early next year.

Our rabbits are doing great and are quite healthy. I finally began breeding them this past Sunday. I am hoping that I get my does bred and have litters by early next year. I have been taking my time on breeding since the bunnies were not too cooperative. Also, I have to admit for some time, I was losing my excitement for raising and showing rabbits. Also, when we attended the SARBA Show in October I had a very hard time getting in the groove of things. I kind of forgot about showing, filling out the cards, etc. However, I was excited for our Friends Sasha and John and Dana whom won BOB with their Angoras. they helped us a lot with the showing and reminded us when it was our turn to be judged. It was great competing with our friends and talking and sharing. I still have not downloaded the pictures of the show, but I will soon and post them no later than next week.

One thing I did do, though, was get into a spinning binge. I have been Navajo plying angora and alpaca yarn. I hope to knit something soon.

I plan to begin posting often, too.

P. Ricardo

Thursday, November 25, 2010


On behalf of our family and friends, have a wonderful and joyful Thanksgiving Day!