Monday, June 30, 2014

Color Genetics Booklet

I'm not too good at color genetics, as I've mentioned before in previous posts. However, I want to recommend a very good booklet written by Candy Haenszel.

"Color Genetics in U.S. Domestic Rabbits", 1997-2010. Available for $7.00, including postage.

This is a "must have" for all Angora enthusiasts. It is written in very easy-to-understand format.
To purchase this booklet you can go to Candy's English Angoras website and find information on ordering.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Misinformation disseminated about tortoishell colored Angoras being "heat sensitive"...

Recently, there was a comment made from an English Angora breeder implying that their rabbit’s toe nails changes colors “during drastic temp changes and when their coat is getting ready to go”.  Then went on to say “the Judge even confirmed that especially in torts”.  This rabbit was disqualified for mismatched toe nails in a show, then went on to win at other shows, and finally disqualified again for mismatched toe nails. The assumption made from the exhibitor was that after the first disqualification, the nails “miraculously” went back to matching color; however, the nails became mismatched, again. This time the Judge allegedly told the exhibitor that Tortoishell rabbits’ toe nails change colors according to the weather implying it was heat sensitive. This was taken as face-value and information was disseminated as fact.  

I began to research for anecdotal evidence that Tortoishell rabbits are heat sensitive, especially that their nails change colors. Keep in mind; I’m going on the belief that this particular Judge made that comment to the exhibitor. I was not present to witness anything about this information, except when the rabbit was disqualified first for mismatched toe nails.
After much research and speaking to reputable breeders with vast knowledge and extensive experience in this matter, I have concluded that said alleged comment is false and inappropriate for a Judge to make, if it was indeed made.

It is imperative that all exhibitors understand that ARBA Judges are human beings and we ask for their professional opinion based on their knowledge and expertise. However, sometimes, there is a Judge that doesn’t know their facts or simply implies things that might be misinterpreted by the exhibitor. In other words, don’t take the Judge’s comments as “final” do research on any information being given about your rabbit before you go on citing things as fact.
I have yet to find any factual information that can confirm the assertion that Tortoishell or any other color rabbit experiences toe nail color changes according to weather changes.

To my knowledge, the only Heat Sensitive rabbits are the Himi (Pointed) in Angoras. However, there is no specific information that the toe nails change colors, too.
The only thing one can postulate from said assumption in this particular case I am mentioning is that the exhibitor’s rabbit was originally disqualified for mismatched toe nails by a judge that thoroughly inspected the rabbit (In this particular case, the first Judge that DQ the rabbit was showing another Judge how to properly inspect the angoras and found the flaw).  Possibly, other judges missed this disqualification flaw in other shows until recently, when it was, once again, carefully inspected and disqualified.

 If we were to go under the assertion that this exhibitor believes their rabbit toe nails change colors (according to weather changes/transition) and what this particular Judge allegedly mentioned; we can then postulate that this particular rabbit carries a huge flaw—meaning that the offspring will have genetic issues where they will be “showable” one month, and if the weather changes the next month, they won’t be showable. Then if this is so, what is the purpose of breeding this rabbit? Why would someone purchase offspring from this rabbit/exhibitor? The “changing toe nails” flaw will be passed on and on and could possibly ruin an established line or affect the new show person beginning in the angora show.

Either way, this is a good lesson for all of us showing Angoras. We cannot take for face value comments made by everyone. We need to question things that do not sound right and research it in order to avoid perpetuating misinformation.
by: P. Ricardo Gonzalez

Please visit the following blogs/sites, which give plethora of factual information on the English Angora Rabbit: 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Single Rose

I love this picture. This is a small rose bush we have at work. It was drying out and not looking too good. I brought some rabbit poop and we added it to the soil as amendment. This is the result, a single beautiful Rose.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

More babies ...

These 5 cuties are from RTA Sayuri. They just kept moving and moving.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

More Babies...

These 4 beautiful Tort babies are from RTA Chula. They are rambunctious little rascals.


Friday, June 20, 2014


ALL Tort Babies out of RTA Malinche. They are looking nice and fluffy. However, very hard to get them still for photo.