Friday, February 4, 2011

Weird Weather in Texas

We are not used to this time of cold weather in Texas. Yesterday, I came home to find the rabbits water bottles frozen. Also, Tres' water trough was frozen, too. We do not have water at home as well as some of our neighbors. I hope things get better soon. Below are some pictures of the freeze.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Dad

This is my father, David. Yesterday he returned home to complete his recovery. Below are pictures of Johnny and I with my dad. Martin was unable to go due to work.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

simple ramblings

It has been such a long time since I've posted. There are so many things going on this new year that I can't make time to do things I want to do.

Last week, I was in Houston attending the Theraplay Training so that I can apply it at my current job. I returned home Friday evening and rushed to the Valley to visit my parents. My mother is doing great! Thank the Lord, she is walking with and without assistance with her walker. She is even going out to parties when invited. I just love seeing her back to her normal self, minus mobility issues and having to receive dyalisis treatment weekly. Non the less, she still has a zest for life and I just love her. My dad, well, he was admitted to the hospital 3 weeks ago for a urinary tract infection and since he has history of prostate cancer, it took him a while to recover. He is currently in a rehabilitation hospital where he is well taken care of and they are teaching him to walk and build his strength again. I feel bad for him, he is tired of being in the rehab hospital away from home. He is just a funny, grouchy old man. He hates exercising and always wants to be treated extra special. He throws temper tantrums often and when even when I visit him this weekend and told him he was getting ready to return home, well, he did not believe me and "told me off" in his own kind of way. Oh darn, I see him and I see myself in the future...hopefully, I will not turn into a grouch like him. LOL

Around our small ranch (homestead), things are quite tough. Who would've known that I would have to be mending fences, picking up so much poop from one horse and few rabbits, clearing some weed/brush and even burning it in a bon-fire type way. Gosh, so many things to do and I only have ONE acre! Thanks goodness I only have one acre. I actually wanted more, but I'm getting this reality check and I don't know. :) The boys help me a lot, but they do tend to rebel at times. I don't blame them, they have so much going on, too, with school, friends, and loafing around.

Rabbits, well. We've had a dry spell in breeding for quite some time. I was getting disenchanted about it, but I think--keeping fingers crossed--that two does might be pregnant! I hope so, because one of them is Ruffles, my beautiful English that has been baren for such a looooong time. On a sad news about rabbits, I lost my Opal doe that I had gotten from Margaret Bartold. This awesome doe gave me 2 nice rabbits, a buck and doe. I hope I can build up soon and begin showing and competing. It is hard when rabbits don't produce. We will see.

Well, enough for now, too much writing cramped my fingers. lol
P. Ricardo