Saturday, August 14, 2010

My first time at incubating chicken eggs

Okay, here is my first try at incubating eggs. I have this really cute extra small chicken and rooster that I got free from a lady. She is laying eggs, but not brooding. I decided to try my luck at incubating them since I really like the chicken and rooster. I hope all goes well.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Martin getting ready to start college

Today was a very hectic day. Too much stuff to deal with at work and having to take Martin for his Accuplacer test to begin his first semester of College. He chose to begin his work at Palo Alto College in San Antonio, Texas. We've been gathering all the required paperwork to enroll him.

Johnny will be enrolled in his new school on Monday and he seems excited. I just hope he doesn't give his teachers problems like he usually does.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fishing at Calaveras Lake

Couple of weeks ago the boys and I went to Calaveras Lake, near our home and we had a wonderful time fishing.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Simple Post

I have not posted in quite a long time. After we moved things got hectic with work and home. At work, during summer, we have a strict schedule where the children work on projects and school at home. I was so delighted to work on Equestrian Therapy with the children. I can say I have learned SO much, personally, and have made great strides in accomplishing many goals.

One of my first goals was to face my fear of horses. Well, I am over that fear. This year, I learned to trust and make friends with the horses, learned to groom them, did some ground work, and mount and ride a horse. I am delighted! I am already saving up some money to purchase a horse of my own so that I can continue learning and enjoying these majestic animals.

Martin and Johnny are doing great. Martin is getting ready to start community college and Johnny is ready for his high school year in a new town. They've been so helpful with me in our new "farm" and even made several friends with kids their age in the community.

I have slowly begun to re-build our rabbitry again. We have 3 nicely coated rabbits, but one has a flopped ear, so I cannot show him, but might keep him as his body and wool are developing extremely well. I also have 5 other babies from the same pair I got from Margaret Bartold some time ago. I am hoping to begin showing in September of this year and see how it goes--I can't wait to begin showing once again. The only thing is that I might have to go at it "solo" as Martin and Johnny have other interests (girls) now and don't seem too enthused about rabbits any more. Then again, they might go with me along for the ride, but who knows.

I'll be posting pictures of the rabbits later on future posts. Oh, I almost forgot, I have chickens! Yes, we have a few chickens and am excited. We want to harvest free ranged chicken eggs and will do so within the next few months. The next big purchase will be the horse, hopefully. I wanted to get some sheep, but I have to wait on that. I have far too many plans for our small acre farm, but not enough funds to do it.

Till next post...
Regards and Lord Bless,
P. Ricardo