Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Okay, I have neglected my blog due to work and other family developments. However, today I just had to post and say, "Thank you, Jesus! We have some rain...finally!!!"

We've had a horrific dry spell and no rain at all. Last night, I woke up to hear the thunder and rain tink-tatter on my window. I rant outside to ensure the truck's windows were closed, which they were. I got drenched in water, but it was a huge blessing. I pray the rain continues, we need it desperately, and I know other states can do without it.

On a second topic, I have a horrible toothache. It started Monday, and it continues today. I look crappy, feel crappy, and I desperately need to see my dentist, but the only appt I have is set for tomorrow at 9:45am. Gosh, I hope I can last with this pain. :)