Friday, March 12, 2010

Just a quick update on things with our family

As you all know, I've been posting many things that have been going on with our family, lately. Last year in October we had a tough situation due to things that happened to our Rabbitry. In November my mother underwent a triple heart bypass and has been hospitalized since. In February she was admitted to a rehab. hospital and on the day of her discharge to return home she had an aneurism, which affected both hemispheres of the brain. Since then she has had some problems regressing and completely appearing to be in a comotose phase and then the next day she will "wake up" and be normal as can be. This is tough, but we are glad to still have her here. We've been visiting her often and praying a lot and the Good Lord is still answering our prayers.

We also have had some good things happen to us. We acquired the two rabbits that will help us re-build our rabbitry. We also gave a down payment on a one acre tract of land with no restrictions! Yes, we are excited as we will soon move to the country side and be able to raise not only our angora rabbits, but also chickens, sheep and goat and we will see what else we can get. I've also changed my diet and am eating healthy so I've been losing weight, toning up, and feel good. To top it off, the best thing was that I had to take the Texas Exam for Child Care Administrator License and well, I passed with flying colors! Now, we just wait so that the board of Directors where I work promote me to run the operation.

I am just ecstatic about the positive things that are happening for us and the great blessings we are receiving.

On a separate note, I have not yet bred our rabbits, but hope to do so this coming weekend. Hopefully, we will have some litters soon.

Overall, having friends in the "rabbit world" has been the best part of it all.