Saturday, August 3, 2013


I got online and realized that I have not posted on this blog in a long time. I decided to ramble a bit on things I've been up to.
First, the heat in San Antonio is unbearable! We've hit the triple digits, though my rabbits are still doing well. I moved the babies into the house, though, to ensure they don't stress out too much.
Currently, I have 7 babies, well, some are over 1 1/2 month old, and others are almost 3 months. I am SO looking for a show to go to. I do not believe that my rabbits will be ready this month or September. I am hoping I will have some nice juniors by October to begin showing.
About this year's Convention, well, I am still thinking of it. I have to go attend a Conference the week Convention begins, so I could possibly make it late. Then again, I am going on a week-long Cruise in November, so I am still debating what I need to do.